Anonymous asked: Favorite officer on board?

Murdoch :)

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imstephenkingoftheworld asked: What hair dye do you use/how do you get your hair so vibrant? =) it looks awesome.

(I hope you guys don’t mind me answering an off-topic message not privately, I just thought maybe other people wondered what dye I use)

I use lusty lavender by Splat :) To get it vibrant you have to make sure your hair is a light blonde color or else it won’t be as intense.

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Anonymous asked: Is your hair purple?

Yep! it is

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I look so bad but TITANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I went to House on the Rock today and honestly you guys if you like ships at all you should go if you can

there’s a huge Titanic model, a wall of Titanic stuff, countless ship models and paintings EVERYWHERE

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Anonymous asked: is there a musical about the titanic or anythig I can see to relive the night the ship went down

There is a Titanic musical but I don’t think there is a current production of it.

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