Happy 127th birthday to James Paul Moody, sixth officer of Titanic.

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"… his [Ken Marschall’s] paintings almost seemed to be stills from a movie that hadn’t yet been made. And I thought to myself… I can make these paintings live. It became my goal to accomplish on film what Ken had done on canvas, to will the Titanic back to life."  James Cameron.

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Hi there! Someone asked for close ups of this model. It’s from Titanic: The Exhibition, I saw it when the exhibition came to Sevilla, Spain last year. I found some photos of the model.

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siriuslyaddictedtoreading asked: Where can I get that collection that you just posted??

This one? 

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just a heads up

I’m not feeling well so I’ll answer all messages and post submissions in a couple days

thank you for your patience  :)

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