Remembering the Eastland disaster:

A fireman is pictured cradling a dead child he tried to rescue.

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Titanic on the slipway,1911

This is actually Olympic :)

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this past month my family and i went down to Gatlinburg, TN. my dad wanted us to go to Pigeon Forge for a day. we parked our rental car near Hardee’s resturant. we walked about an hour and a half (going in and out of stores) to the titanic and spent an awesome 3-4 hours there. i loved the interactive objects and games they had. the ”captain” was very nice and had cool, funny and some sad stories.

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Anonymous asked: There's a movie called Titanic II?? Is it any good?

Yeah, but it’s not a sequel to Titanic and has nothing to do with Titanic herself.

Its not good, it’s kind of like a Sharknado-y type movie hahaha

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I saw Titanic in the theater when I was just 6 years old. Even at that young of an age, I understood everything, and was in tears long before the ending. Since then, my fascination with Titanic has always stayed with me, it’s very special to me. My mom used to play the soundtrack on repeat for hours and during it I would stand on the armchair of the couch with my arms outstretched like Rose. I read A Night to Remember for my book report in 6th grade, also read James Cameron’s Titanic in 2 days. Before my husband proposed he took me to a very special beach on a foggy day and gave me a replica heart of the ocean necklace. I also own a necklace and earrings set containing coal from the shipwreck that was meant a 100 year commemorative piece. I would love to go on the voyage of Titanic II but I don’t think I could afford it. My heart aches for all of the lives lost, and I can’t imagine how terrifying it was for them, especially the children. My heart goes out to all of the souls who lived that did not come back with their loved ones with them.

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fantasticeel asked: Hello! :) I'd like to know how you feel about people salvaging artifacts from the wreck. Many people, including Robert Ballard and James Cameron feel that it is a grave site that should not be disturbed. Personally, I agree with them and think that people should not remove things from the site.


I personally do not mind the artifacts being salvaged, because through seeing those items and preserving them we are keeping the memory of those lost alive.

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